Cosplay Help – Where do I start?

Hello fellow cosplayers – my name is JessJezzz, and I’m here to help you create the cosplay of your dreams. I’ve been making costumes and cosplaying for years, and am minoring in Textiles and Apparels. If you have any questions about making costumes, don’t be afraid to ask! No question is a stupid question! The only way you will ever learn is by asking someone, whether it be me or Google. In the meantime, I will try and post basic sewing tips and techniques that I use regularly in creating costumes and believe will help you master the art of cosplay.

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6 Responses to Cosplay Help – Where do I start?

  1. angelkitty752 says:

    i wana go 2 my 1st anime convention this year and i want 2 know were would be a good site 2 buy an axel wig and chakrams

    **cuz i wana be axel from kingdom hearts 2**

    p.s. do u know what i can make the charams out of?

  2. angelkitty752 says:

    do u no wat i can make them out of some they look like the orginals

  3. Neko_Sara says:

    I reeeeeaally wanna make my own cosplay but I dont know how to sew I mean is i tall done by machine or..? and I’m kinda confused how do I know how much fabric I should get?

  4. admin says:

    Neko_Sara, try askin JessJezzz in her latest post.

  5. disgraceful_art says:

    I want to cosplay Haku (Naruto) and I was wondering if you could recomend a site that sells his hunter-nin mask. Thanks for you help.

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