I am the Cosplay Suggestorator!

Awesome Cosplay

Ask your Cosplay Suggestion questions at this post from now on:
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Happy Cosplaying Otaku!


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28 Responses to I am the Cosplay Suggestorator!

  1. xohfaceitx3 says:

    sorry for posting so much ><
    but for some reason, it wont post my whole message
    so i had to split it

  2. admin says:

    Don’t worry about posting like crazy.. it just makes us feel more loved.

    I’ll get with you after I think about this one a bit.

  3. xohfaceitx3 says:

    THANKS. take your time xD
    i’m not in a rush since halloween is still such a long way off o.o
    btw, in the picture that i showed you as an example,
    do you know what character that is?

  4. panda-prince says:

    hi um i was wondering who i should cosplay as this will be my first time trying to cosplay and i wanted to make sure i got the right charecter for me
    here are some links to pictures of me



    ok um well about me im people say im tall but i dont think im that tall im 5’10
    plz write back

  5. admin says:

    Would you mind asking in the new post? Ovan is ready to help you out ^_^

  6. SylviaSalvation says:

    Hi! I need help figuring out which character I want to cosplay as. I’m really open minded about it!! Here are some photos:



  7. admin says:

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there Sylvia! You have to ask your cosplay questions here now:

    Repost there and we’ll get you some help right away ^_^

  8. emdyi says:

    wait, you’re not evan and eliayth, right? XD

    okay, so how bout’ me?


    i’m not really into cosplaying cute and nice girls and i also dont like cosplaying characters from animes which are way too mainstream :) )

    it’d be cool if the character was weird.. thanks!

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