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  1. cherish9 says:

    hi hi! (:
    i was actually VERY surprised that no one had actually asked for your opinion on who they should dress up as!
    so here i am, lol, i’m desperate for help!

    theres a quite a few pictures on my bebo page if you have time to go through them, any help is greatly appreciated (:

  2. cherish9 says:

    sorry, i forgot to actually type the whole adress in

  3. admin says:

    You are the first to officially ask on the blog! (it did just go up ya know ^_^)

    Hmmm let’s see.
    I’ll give you a few suggestions in order, starting with my best suggestion and working down through other good suggestions:
    -Rukia – bleach cosplay
    -Tsunade – naruto cosplay
    -Kallen Stadtfeld – Code Geass Cosplay

    You’d need to wear a wig for the last two. But I think all these suggestions would suit you well.

  4. seiyazelda says:

    Ok…Me and My friend are wondering who we should cosplay as. The only thing is, we have no idea who we could be. I kinda wanted a cosplay duo, but I dont know.
    Here’s some pictures of us.


    Here’s one of Her:

    Here’s one of me:

  5. I desperately need help to try and find a costume for an upcoming convention. I have a few pictures but they’re less than spectacular. Please, I could use the help and it would be very appreciated!


    ::bows:: I don’t mind wearing a wig or doing any type of makeup intensive costumes. Just all tapped out on ideas.

  6. admin says:

    I’m not sure if you like mainstream cosplay, but I think she could go as Tsunade from Naruto and you could go as Shizune!

    I think that’d be awesome.

  7. admin says:

    Hey there Mori! After reviewing your pictures I have 2 suggestions:
    Crossplay as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII

    Or go as Lulu from Final Fantasy X

    The Cosplay Suggestorator has spoken!

  8. Thanks! I’ve honestly never thought of Sephiroth but it could be a ton of fun. ::digs for measuring tape:: And I do adore Lulu (she’s my favorite girl of the FF games and nearly cute-exploded during FF X-2 when you find out she’s pregnant.)

  9. mmm_organizedcrime says:

    Hola! Could you help me out with deciding who to cosplay?
    I WAS thinking ‘OH! XALDIN FROM KH2…heh heh, then I can randomly touch people. ‘ but my friend took the idea from me. >:\
    Anyways, O.O; your help would be much appreciated! =]



    lol red panda, I mean what?!

    So yeah, they’re not the BEST photos, but, yeah. Since you can’t really see more than my head…I has curves. Halp?

  10. emo_avenger says:

    omg! i have no clue who i should cosplay. i feel like since i lack a cute japanese face i cant cosplay well…haha! i mostly like to cosplay guys but i would like to stay away from naruto and kingdom hearts! i have done it before haha. please help me oh holy one!!!!

    pics of ugly me!


  11. admin says:

    Hmmm emo_avenger…

    If you want to “crossplay” (go as a guy) you could really pull of L from Death Note

    As for going as a girl (which I’d recommend!!) you have a bunch of Final Fantasy gals to choose from because you’re skinny and super cute!

    You can try:
    Yuna Summoner Outfit

    I think you’d make an AWESOME Yuna. So strongly consider that!

  12. HIya! I’m Iscah and I need help!
    I’m kind of new at this so… I have absolutely no idea what I should be for A-kon next year. I know it’s really early but I just want to have every adoring, precious, little detail in place and perfect! NO pictures on the computer yet..(my home computer is having issues!) but here’s a bit of a description: I’m pretty tall-5’11.25”(roughly-as in last time I checked), blond hair about mid lenght, light green eyes with a tint of blue-ish/gray, VERY fair skinned (-I’m often reffeared to as The Albino, by my friends), and I am physically incabable of walking in high-heels!-a bit on the clumsy side of things I am-it’s a curse!
    Oh yeah! I have curves by the way…if that helps at all…
    I don’t have problems with wearing a wig, and I Love dark colors!- especailly reds and just black in general…
    any help/suggestions at all would very helpful…
    sincerely, The Confused One!

  13. admin says:

    Hey there Iscah! I sent you an email. did u get it?

  14. shaynainshambles says:

    Hello! I’m Shayna! I’ve been trying to figure out who to cosplay as for quite some time now so I figured I would give this a try! The thing is, I want to find someone who dresses in black, red, blue, something not so bright. Anyways, I would love to hear input, honestly :) Thank you! :D :D :D




    There are other pictures on my myspace so if more would be helpful; http://www.myspace.com/fullofyami

    Thank you :D <3

  15. admin says:

    Shayna! I can’t view your myspace page because your profile is set to private!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I requested your friendship with the cosplaylocator.com myspace profile so accept my budship so I may shower you with recommendations “_”

  16. admin says:

    Go with Yuki Kurosu from Vampire Knight ^_^


    Happy cosplaying otaku!

  17. xohfaceitx3 says:

    well, i read mangas before but never anime.
    i think cosplayers are really interesting and brave enough to show their love for something, even though some people will look at them weirdly.
    so i wanted to try it because it looks like alot of fun xD
    well, i’m a girl, 5ft 2. i have straight black hair but no bangs.
    i wanted to try on something that’s… not TOO cute ><

  18. xohfaceitx3 says:

    i’m more into… something like nana… kind of punkishh and sexy at the same time LOL. please give me ALOT of suggestions because since this is my first time, i want it to be GOOD. as long as it is a girl and black hair that is straight, i’m fine. i don’t want to use wigs because… too tiring ><

    btw, i just registered and waiting for approval
    so can you send suggestions to my email instead?

  19. xohfaceitx3 says:

    ^ this would be good if only it had more than just one color and a skirt so it would be a just a little girly><

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