Hey it’s Ovan and Eliayth

Hey guys, Ovan here, your new cosplay suggesterator. Along with Eliayth, we’ll be providing you guys with the best of our knowledge of anime / manga to help you guys out. We just started getting into cosplay not too long ago, but we have been otakus for awhile. Obviously by my name, one of my favorite animes is .Hack//, and my real name is Jeff. I look forward to helping you guys out, thanks~

Hi everyone, Ovan’s girl Eliayth here.  Figured I’d get him to stick my intro in his post to save space.  So, a little about me – I have a lot of favorite animes (too many to list) but I do especially like .Hack//, and I have some hawt Naruto action figures. My favorite manga so far is Wings of Vendemiaire.  So, yeah, looking forward to helping you guys with cosplay ideas, would love to see pics of your costumes. ~ Eliayth

And if it’s alright, I would like to start having you guys post here for suggestions, and there will be some layout, we would like to know what your guys personality is like to better fit the cosplay, and some of your favorite manga / anime, thanks.

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  1. totalSMfan says:

    Hi! I was wondering if I could get your guy’s opinion on who I might cosplay as.


    I’m fairly tall (6’1″), and have both glasses and contacts. I don’t mind the thought of cross dressing (that’s one of the events at the con I’m going to).
    I’m usually a fairly shy person, unless I’m around my friends then I tend to be a bit more outgoing. I tend to try to draw comics, mostly chibis (they’re just so cute! and easy to do).
    Some of my favorite animes/mangas include: Nana, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Dramacon, Wild Ones, Sailor Moon, just to touch the tip of the iceberg. haha.

  2. Eliayth says:

    Hey guys, here with some suggestions;

    BLINK: Hm, I think you would actually look pretty good as Marvel’s Blink, all painted pink and stuff. That’d be awesome. However, anime suggestions;

    If you like Sakura’s costumes, you should go for it – from your pictures, I think it would suit you quite well, especially not being too tall. For some other extravagant, but different to Sakura’s, outfits, you could try one of Sora Naegino or Rosetta Passel’s costumes from Kaleido Star, a show about Sora’s road to becoming the star acrobat of Kaleido Stage, a world famous acrobatics stage.

    Some costumes are (in order of appearance in show):

    Sora’s costume (never saw this in the show): http://e07d60b0.linkgalleries.net

    Sora’s Triple Illusion costume: http://196952c0.linkgalleries.net

    Rosetta’s Diablo Battle costume: http://64b5361d.linkgalleries.net


    Sora’s Legendary Great Maneuver costume: http://7540073d.linkgalleries.net

    There are a few more cool costumes they use but I’ll leave it at that for now.

    Or, how about Yukari from Rosario + Vampire (I watch it solely for the comedy D:): http://21f187d7.linkgalleries.net (there’s no need to make the skirt as short as hers, lol)


    Yukari’s the little witch-girl – she hangs out with the older kids because she skipped a few grades due to being really smart. She says “desu~” at the end of pretty much every sentence and, like the rest of the lead female characters, is in love with the show’s protagonist, Tsukune (a human boy attending a school or monsters).

    totalSMfan: Your elegant appearance in your photos made me think of another character from Kaleido Star, Layla Hamilton. She is also fairly tall, and seems to be about the same build as you. Layla is the star of Kaleido Stage, aloof and looked up to by many people.

    Layla as Juliet (Romeo and Juliet – Golden Phoenix): http://dce3b83e.linkgalleries.net

    Layla’s Legendary Great Maneuver costume: http://7540073d.linkgalleries.net

    Layla as the Masked Star: http://44203254.linkgalleries.net

    Layla as Salome (Salome in Vegas): http://91809895.linkgalleries.net

    I don’t know all of the anime/manga you listed, but you’d be awesome as Sailor Moon – I haven’t actually seen many people cosplaying as her, but she’s an instantly recognizable character – and there are actually some Sailor Moon costumes for sale at Cosplayloactor.com: http://ae37aff5.linkgalleries.net – how convenient :D

    Oo, you know what would be cool – Mizuho Kazami from Onegai Sensei (Please Teacher)! The brilliant pink hair and glasses would look great on you xD

    Mizuho is half alien, half human, and an officer from the Galactic Federation, sent to observe the Earth. Her cover is a high school teacher in Japan. Due to various misunderstandings, she comes to marry a student in her class, Kei Kusanagi, in order to keep them both out of trouble with the headmaster.

    She has several recognizable costumes…


    Note the black outfit’s opening in the top actually seals up, so you don’t need that in the costume. The teacher outfit and the black (alien uniform thing) outfit are most recognizable.

    Your ultimate accessory for this costume is Pocky – Mizuho loves chocolate Pocky and is shown many times with it xD

    CosplayLocator also sells Pocky! http://55a28155.linkgalleries.net

    I’m sure I’ve seen a Naruto character that looks like you, but I haven’t watched it a lot and struggling to remember at the moment X_x

    Well, if those ideas were any use that’s great, if not feel free to ask for more suggestions. Sorry I didn’t get back about these costumes quickly, have been a bit busy lately and limited internet access.

  3. kyouyatamax says:

    Hey, I’m also new to cosplay…I was wondering if there were any characters you would suggest for me…http://raitoxlstr.deviantart.com/art/random-112923239?submitted=1

    Thats a pic of me~ (Whited out my friends face for privacy reasons, im sure you understand). I don’t mind making it myself…but just a few notes…:
    I have a somewhat slim waist and moderately wide hips, small boobs…And im not good on wearing skimpy clothing…Thank you in advance for your help!

  4. Eliayth says:

    Hi Kyouyatamax =]

    As soon as I saw that photo I thought of Rukia from Bleach – your haircut just reminded me a lot of her. Haven’t seen her in any skimpy outfits so you should be fine if you wanted to cosplay as her.

    Buy it here: http://8f73b73b.linkgalleries.net

    Seems an easy costume to find, including her accessories so if you wanna get your costume sorted out quickly this could be a good pick.

    Or, how about the heroine of Ouran High School Host Club, Haruhi Fujioka?

    Haruhi is a poor student attending the prestigious Ouran Academy on an academic scholarship. On her first day at the school, she breaks a vase worth 8 million yen, belonging to the “Host Club” – a group of handsome male students who run a business of giving companionship to female students. They Host Club mistakes Haruhi for a boy, and makes her begin to work as their “dog”, and do menial chores. However, upon giving Haruhi a makeover, they decide she is fit to work as a host. Reluctantly, she accepts, in order to pay off her debt.

    I don’t know whether you’d call this crossplaying or not – cosplaying as a girl dressed as a guy? O_o lol

    Pics: http://b6586041.linkgalleries.net



    Some pics of Haruhi in her female outfits:



    Buy it here: http://d2d55da2.linkgalleries.net

    Meryl Stryfe (aka Derringer Meryl) from Trigun? She’s a worker of Bernadelli Insurance Company, send along with her friend and co-worker Milly Thompson to prevent the notorious outlaw Vash the Stampede from causing any more damage that the company would have to pay for.

    Pics: http://34643b5a.linkgalleries.net


    What’s inside her coat? http://898c8ffe.linkgalleries.net

    A decent cosplay of Meryl: http://ff751324.linkgalleries.net (but please for the love of god if you want to have a fake gun as an accessory, remove the orange tip DX)

    Buy it here: http://50c5dc0e.linkgalleries.net

    Trigun is imo one of the best shows ever, if you haven’t seen it I really recommend it <3

    Eek, yet more ideas are popping into my head; Tomoyo from Clannad perhaps?


    Or another Tomoyo, from Card Captor Sakura?


    I’ll leave it at that for now, if you want any more suggestions please feel free to ask =]

  5. totalSMfan says:

    Thank-you. I had never heard of some of the people you suggested. I’m hoping to try Layla as soon as I find the right wig. Thanks again.

  6. rina says:

    Hey, I’m going to colossalcon & otakon this summer and i was wondering what i should cosplay^^ I’m a big square enix fan and i was thinking of going as Fran from final fantasy 12. I like the fact that you usually dont see many people going as her but i can see the reason for that… the problem is her costume is a rare find and its really detailed, thus it’d be hard to make(much like a lot of other ff costumes, gotta love that beautiful detail!) >.>’ so anyway, i’d just like some help in choosing a character i can pull off and have fun cosplaying as :D it would preferably be one with light-weight/summery clothing since colossalcon is being held at a water park this year ;D
    oh yea, and before i forget here’s that pic of me
    much thanks in advance for the help^^

  7. Eliayth says:

    Wow, Fran looks really cool, from the search I just did xD Found someone with an absolutely awesome cosplay of her; http://49a8ae66.linkgalleries.net ~ if you could somehow get in contact with the maker of that costume, wow, it just looks amazing!

    That aside…

    How about Lucy/Nyuu from Elfen Lied? An evolved kind of superhuman, Lucy is a Diclonius – she has the ability to control invisible arms attached to her, called “vectors”, and has two horns (that honestly look like cat ears to me) on the top of her head.

    When escaping from a research facility, Lucy takes a bullet to the head and loses her memory, is washed up on a beach and taken in by two cousins. She is only able to say “nyuu”, hence they decide to name her that. A lot of danger and adventure follows – short at 13 episodes but somewhat epic if you can stomach the gore O_o

    She has several outfits:




    Not sure how you feel about crossplaying, but perhaps Athrun Zala or Yzak Joule from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED?

    Athrun: http://bd2084c9.linkgalleries.net


    Yzak: http://2b0454aa.linkgalleries.net


    I think Athrun would suit you quite well.

    Hm, well then, if you like any of those, great, if not, we can try to think of some more =]

  8. rina says:

    thanks again^^ i’ll check with my friends and see what they think about these animes and maybe we could form a group with it :3 we’ll work something out, i’m sure.

  9. LittleKitty says:

    Hi im pretty new to the whole cosplay thing but i have a little bit of an idea of who or what i’d like to go as. Reverie Metherlence from Erementar Gerade is my first choice and i love how Cosplaymagic.com put the outfit
    together but i dont have that kind of money to buy it.
    Other than that i really really like Neko style costumes but i cant find a character that i like.

    The anime convention that im going to is the weekend of June 28th (cant
    remember if it includes the 27th or the 29th) and i really need help
    finding a pattern to use. It would really help if you could give
    suggestions as to how to go about making my costume. Please get back with
    me soon as i am getting frustrated with searching the internet. Thanks.


  10. Eliayth says:

    Hi LittleKitty ~ that would be a nice costume, however when looking at Cosplaymagic’s stuff myself, I do agree it’s impossibly expensive for normal people D:

    Looking at Reverie’s outfit in pictures straight out of the anime, it looks like something you might be able to find at some kind of like…Gothic fashion shop?

    The ribbon around her neck should be easy enough, and as for the headband, I think it would look very nice with that pattern embroidered on it, but if you painted it on accurately it would look just as nice ~ if you did that, I’d suggest using masking tape on the edges of where you paint to help create straight lines.

    For a wig I’d suggest looking here: http://511f913b.linkgalleries.net

    Anyway, alternative suggestions;

    Not sure whether by Neko style you mean people with Neko-mimi or cat ears, or people with the ears, tail, paws and all, soo…here’s some of both:

    I was thinking, maybe Chii from Chobits? Her Persocon thingies on her head look like cat ears to me, and I’m sure that’s part of her charm.

    Chii is a Persocon (personal computer in the shape of a human, capable of advanced functions) found by a boy who’d recently moved to the city from a farm, unable to buy a Persocon like everyone else, due to lack of money. When he finds the abandoned Persocon, he believes himself to be really lucky – until he finds out that this Persocon doesn’t have an OS, and *shouldn’t* be able to run (Yes, I’m calling the main character of the show “a boy” because I’ve forgotten his name D:).

    Despite this, he manages to turn on the Persocon, who is only able to say “Chii”.

    Pics: http://e92f00ec.linkgalleries.net



    What she looks like when first found: http://23aef1f3.linkgalleries.net (He’s making that face because she’s super-heavy, being a computer)

    (Probably best outfit is her school uniform outfit – not that she goes to school, it’s just a hand-me-down from the landlady O_o)

    Buy it here: http://8f8f72b0.linkgalleries.net

    I suggest buying the Persocon ears/wig (probably NOT that $100+ super long one lol) seeing as they’re pretty cheap, but perhaps making the rest out the outfit. Take a look at the 3rd link down on the left side for ears + wig set.

    Seeing that pic of Ren/Reverie made me think of Aina from .hack//Roots (or .hack//G.U., whichever you prefer); a girl who is on;y able to see her big brother online in a game called The World R:2. Basically anything else I say would ruin the plot <_ <

    Pics: http://f0ac80e8.linkgalleries.net



    I asked Ovan and he immediately thought of Tabby, from .hack//Roots/G.U. – she’s a bouncy, happy (if somewhat noobish) player in The World R:2.

    Pics: http://ccd8be35.linkgalleries.net




    Imo it’s fine to alter costumes so they’re less skimpy.

    Also, I just thought of Sakura’s costume in an early episode of Card Captor Sakura, where Tomoyo makes her dress as a cute cat girl….made out of rubber for insulation purposes…

    Pics: http://d57f97b3.linkgalleries.net


    What the costume looks like in the manga (basically just replace pink with white): http://975f4710.linkgalleries.net

    Here’s a site I found last time I suggested someone cosplay as Sakura, with a lot of info on her costumes: http://7083b6da.linkgalleries.net

    Then there’s some characters from Froth-Bite Strike Witches; a short OVA I saw a while ago. While I can’t take screenshots of it, here are a couple of pics I found:



    Also, Nekonome Sensei from Rosario + Vampire:



    Last for now, Chizuru Minamoto from Kanokon – strictly speaking, not a neko costume; she’s a fox deity. However, the ears and tail are still there O_o and I think she’s pretty cute.

    Pic: http://2d1f13a0.linkgalleries.net

    I don’t have too much know-how for making costumes, you could try asking JessJezzz in cosplay creation help for that (sorry to send you to different places, she’d just be a lot more helpful with that) http://1c051aac.linkgalleries.net

    Otherwise, here is a short article I found that could be useful for quick costume ideas: http://c55a93be.linkgalleries.net ~ link because I don’t really wanna copy/paste plagiarize Dx

  11. Eliayth says:

    Post for KoHearts & Wiccawitch who asked somewhere else O.o

    @KoHearts: The link for your reference picture didn’t work, but is this something like what you had?: http://a515782a.linkgalleries.net

    If so, here’s my advice…I don’t know what kind of texture he is supposed to have, but using felt would be a lot easier and less expensive by far than fake fur, a lot less hassle to sew.

    For constructing it, I think some kind of light wire would be good to use to make it hold the right shape.

    For the eyes, would be good if you could find some black mesh material for ventilation and a place you can see out of.

    Ventilation is usually a big issue with mascot costumes, so have as much airflow as you possibly can without making it look really odd :P

    I would think you’re probably going to have to make that pattern from scratch, so if you know and sewing virtuosos that would be available to help you, kidnap them.

    @Wiccawitch: I suggested this character for totalSMfan a while ago, and though I don’t like to repeat suggestions, I think you’d also look pretty good as Layla Hamilton from Kaleido Star (depending on your height, which I can’t quite get from the photos – if you’re short it might not look right, Layla is best cosplayed by tall girls). She’s a performer, so has various recognizable costumes.

    Layla as Juliet (Romeo and Juliet – Golden Phoenix): http://dce3b83e.linkgalleries.net

    Layla’s Legendary Great Maneuver costume: http://7540073d.linkgalleries.net

    Layla as the Masked Star: http://44203254.linkgalleries.net

    Layla as Salome (Salome in Vegas): http://91809895.linkgalleries.net

    I also thought of Misaki Nakahara from Welcome to the NHK. Misaki is a volunteer who tries to help the protagonist, Tatsuhiro Satō, overcome his hikikomori ways through tutoring him to be a normal person.

    Pics: http://fb8c013b.linkgalleries.net


    Also, Kanna from Air (the two “summer special” episodes of the anime – not sure where she appears in the movie/manga/visual novel). She is also known as “Kannabi no Mikoto”, since ‘-bi no mikoto’ is the formal suffix given to all winged beings.

    Kanna is one of the last winged beings in history, and is confined by humans because they fear her power. After meeting a brave guard, Ryuya, she and her caretaker Uraha run away to seek Kanna’s mother out, chased all the way by guards of the castle Kanna escaped from.

    Pics: http://bbb8667d.linkgalleries.net




    Or, the other “winged being” in Air, the present day Misuzu Kamio. Misuzu lives with her aunt/foster mother in a strained relationship – every time Misuzu becomes close to another human, she is unable to stop herself from becoming hysterical and sick, therefore forces herself away from her aunt.

    Despite this, she is a cheerful, slightly clumsy girl, who loves dinosaurs. Her catchphrase is “Gao,” which she uses when she is having a hard time or has been told off etc.





    If you’re ok with crossplaying, Yukito Kunisaki from Air might also be one to think about.

    Yukito is a young man who travels the country, looking for “the girl in the sky”, as his family has done for a thousand years. He lives off his trade of stringless puppeteering, taught to him by his now deceased mother.

    Pics: http://96f11244.linkgalleries.net



    Yukito’s puppet: http://cde081d7.linkgalleries.net

    Really cute cosplay of Misuzu and Yukito: http://85cf4d78.linkgalleries.net

    If you’re not into crossplaying, this would be a really cool couple cosplay with a friend, Yukito and Misuzu that is. Kanna, Uraha and Ryuya would also go well together.

    Uh yeah, I might’ve gotten a little too into Air Dx so if you’d like more suggestions/more diverse suggestions, be sure to ask.

  12. kyouyatamax says:

    Hey, kyouyatamax again! thanks so much for your suggestions! i think the idea for rukia or haruhi would be great ^^. Thanks again for your help!

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  14. 13bonez says:

    hi there. my names cullen and i’m a pretty quiet kid. i like to have fun and don’t show too much emotion. i’m pretty pale hah. here’s some pics of me[i can also dye my hair as you can see...also when i properly straighten my hair it looks nothing like the one picture]:
    thanks so much =]

  15. 13bonez says:

    also the one picture shows my body type…if that helps.

  16. Ovan says:

    13bonez – Hey, I think you would make a really good Uryū Ishida from Bleach.


    You can also buy it right here at Cosplay Locator –


    Uryū Ishida is a black-haired, bespectacled teenager of average height. At school, Uryū wears the school uniform along with a tie, while outside he dons white Quincy clothes with blue stripes representing the Quincy cross, and a mantle.

    Uryū is generally shy and quiet, but tries harder to act cool when other people are around. For example, during the Soul Society arc he wears a mantle that serves no purpose other than to make him look cooler, despite the fact that it hinders his movement. He even keeps a spare to that effect. In addition, he also has a tendency to say things with characteristic drama.


    The hairstyle you had with the blue (just style, not color) looked kind of like Kazuma Yagami from Kaze no Stigma.

    Exiled from the powerful Kannagi fire-mage family because of his lack of power, Kazuma left Japan and made a contract with the Spirit of the Wind, gained immense wind-mage powers.

    Years later, he returns to Japan to find another wind user targeting the Kannagi family – who believe it is the work of Kazuma himself! However, once his innocence is proven, the head of the Kannagi family hires Kazuma to help the Kannagi’s heir (and Kazuma’s cousin) Ayano stop the threat.

    Kazuma’s personality changes from righteous defender to womanizer to a man who takes nothing seriously except himself, which makes for an interesting story.

    Eh, I’m not so good at describing him in-depth because I only just watched this, once, so I’m not completely clear on his character.

    Pics: http://6ac672bb.linkbucks.com


    http://8ac003ea.linkbucks.com [I just had to add this]

  17. 13bonez says:

    thanks =] any other suggestions? not that those ones weren’t good I just don’t think too many people will recognize the Kaze character. it just kinda looks like he wears street clothes.

  18. Eliayth says:

    Zomg, most awesome hair I’ve ever seen! *cough* moving on…

    Might sound kind of weird, but your facial bone structure looks pretty similar to Sesshoumaru from InuYasha. Sesshoumaru InuYasha’s demon half brother. He is a powerful demon, able to change between human form, in which his main weapons are his poison claws or his evil sword Tokijin, and full demon form, a huge dog demon.

    His personality seems like it could fit too, he tends to be rather quiet and doesn’t show much emotion, which makes people think he’s quite a cold character. Watch out for rabid fangirls when cosplaying as him, though.

    Pics: http://7eca4c6f.linkbucks.com

    Buy it here: http://d0fa28b9.linkgalleries.net

    Was also thinking Light “Raito” Yagami from Death Note, probably not such a creative suggestion but you do look a bit like him – though he’s the main character, Light wouldn’t really be recognizable unless it was a group cosplay.

    You could be really extravagant though and go as Ryuk/Ryuuku the Shinigami – that’d be a pretty awesome thing to see :P

    Pics: http://1fb4f9fb.linkbucks.com

    Death Note Cosplay: http://08514b94.linkbucks.com

    Will keep thinking of more, I need to watch more anime so I get some new ideas X_x I’ve been watching too much highschool anime so there’s no definitive costumes ;-;

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