Hey it’s Ovan and Eliayth

Hey guys, Ovan here, your new cosplay suggesterator. Along with Eliayth, we’ll be providing you guys with the best of our knowledge of anime / manga to help you guys out. We just started getting into cosplay not too long ago, but we have been otakus for awhile. Obviously by my name, one of my favorite animes is .Hack//, and my real name is Jeff. I look forward to helping you guys out, thanks~

Hi everyone, Ovan’s girl Eliayth here.  Figured I’d get him to stick my intro in his post to save space.  So, a little about me – I have a lot of favorite animes (too many to list) but I do especially like .Hack//, and I have some hawt Naruto action figures. My favorite manga so far is Wings of Vendemiaire.  So, yeah, looking forward to helping you guys with cosplay ideas, would love to see pics of your costumes. ~ Eliayth

And if it’s alright, I would like to start having you guys post here for suggestions, and there will be some layout, we would like to know what your guys personality is like to better fit the cosplay, and some of your favorite manga / anime, thanks.

Admin sayz – Find all the cosplay you could ever need at Cosplay Locator! Or email brian@cosplaylocator.com to have a custom commission made!

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  1. admin says:

    Looks like you’ve already done some awesome cosplaying… I’m sure E will have some cool recommendations for ya anyway ^^

  2. emdyi says:

    thanks ^.^ so yeah.. uh, like? XD

  3. Eliayth says:

    Hey there, I haven’t had time lately to check for questions because of life being hectic and such – I’ll be sure to try my hardest to find some ideas for you in the next couple of days.

  4. Eliayth says:

    Ookay xD

    How about Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)? She has a really cool, distinctive looking kimono, or a school uniform (looks kind of like Saya’s from Blood: The Last Vampire though). I would tell you a bit about Ai but I don’t think I could without ruining part of the show V.v


    Or how about Mimiru from .hack//Sign? I have suggested her to a previous poster but I think you would suit her better from your looks. Mimiru’s personality is inquisitive, adventurous, outspoken and good-hearted.


    Or, there’s also Black Rose from the original .hack games (she also appears in a few anime episodes) – she has the same “character type” and looks similar to Mimiru, in fact in one episode they can be seen arguing about who copied whom.


    If you want some more suggestions, let us know :)

  5. Dante_Dark says:

    Hello! thanks for offering some help. I’ve been stumped on characters that would fit me, for a while now. If you have any ideas I would love to here them. -Thank You



  6. emdyi says:

    wow! thanks! :D

    if you have time I’d appreciate more suggestions but these are already very helpful :3

    good luck with everything ;)

    again, thank you :)

  7. Eliayth says:

    Aweeesome Dante_Dark you look a lot like Vegeta from DBZ in the second pic I think xD Ovan’s the Dragon Ball etc. expert though so once he’s awake I’ll ask him, heh.

    Meanwhile some pics of Vegeta: http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p379/Eliayth/CosplayLocator/DBZ/vegeta1024.jpg


    admin sayz – you can buy it here: http://cosplaylocator.com/Cosplay/Dragonball-Cosplay
    And if you like this suggestion, here’s a great page with instructions on making Saiyan armor: http://amethyst-angel.com/armormaking_saiyan.html

    More suggestions to come.

    Emdyi: I’m doing some more research and looking for characters that resemble you too, will update soon.

    Edit – have you thought about cosplaying as Kikyo from InuYasha? I think that would suit you pretty nicely!

    Admin says – you can buy it here: http://cosplaylocator.com/Cosplay/Inuyasha-Cosplay

  8. Rainbow muffin says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you could give me some help on who to cosplay as. I’ve never done a cosplay before, so I would love some advice on a good cosplay for me. I’m Chinese, will be 16 soon, have long waist length black hair, quite slim, weigh 47 kg. I’d really prefer not to dye my hair because it’s so dark and thick and long, that I’d have to bleach it first, and I don’t know if all my hair would fit under a wig. Here are some photos of me to help xD
    Thank you!

  9. Brian says:

    Hey thar Rainbow muffin! O&E are on a brief vacation so I thought I’d help you out.

    I think an obvious choice for you would be Yuna from FFX
    There are a ton of different costumes for here too so you can pretty much just choose the one your like the most: http://cosplaylocator.com/Final-Fantasy-Cosplay/Yuna-Cosplay

    Tifa from FFVII is a good choice too ^_^

  10. Eliayth says:

    Bwahaha I can totally see you cosplaying as a cute schoolgirl ^^

    *have been checking the blog as much as I can*

    How about, let’s see…

    Zomg if you’re hair’s nice and long you could go as Chidori from Full Metal Panic! She’s a pretty normal girl, until one day Sergeant Souske Sagara shows up at her school, determined to protect her from who-knows-what at any cost. Mad adventures, suspense, romance and hilarity ensue.



    Yeah, she does have blue hair, but;
    1) I think you could get away with just having your hair black, or;
    2) if you can grab a hairnet and tie your hair up in a bun, I think it’d work. But, lemme see if I can think of something that wouldn’t require a wig O.o

    *thinking noises*

    May Wong from Kaleido Star.

    With dreams of being a world-famous acrobat, and to be on the same stage as her idol Layla Hamilton, May Wong travels to the USA to audition for Kaleido Stage. She is talented and driven (also stubborn and comical xD). May has some really awesome costumes, like from when she performed in Kaleido Stage’s production of Dracula and Swan Lake:

    ………I can’t for the life of me find any good pics of her costumes, try watching the show to see what I mean I guess :\

    Here’s a webpage with a ton of pics of her though: http://silvana-sweet-girl.piczo.com/?g=45493413&cr=7

  11. Rainbow muffin says:

    Thank you Eliayth and Brian for all the great ideas xD#

    May Wong sounds good and I’ll probably be making the costume myself anyway . Tifa sounds good too, just a bit worried about her costume because it shows quite a bit of skin and my parents are really strict about stuff like that < <;

    I’m also considering D.Gray-Man – Lenalee or or Ai Enma from Hell Girl

  12. Eliayth says:

    I haven’t seen a lot of D. Gray-Man, but I Googled Lenalee and that’s an awesome costume! Ai Enma would be cool too – were you thinking of her kimono or school uniform outfit (or if she wears something else, I’m not sure – only seen about half the first season I think)?

  13. LadyInu01 says:

    I was wondering, if someone could suggest another character that I can cosplay. I have already decided to go as Tsunade from Naruto for Otakon, but I want to go as another character. Can someone please help?

    Here is a pic of me(please don’t mind the obvious. ^_^;)


    If you can’t see this, just email me and I’ll send you the pic. ^_^

  14. LadyInu01 says:

    Sorry the link above won’t work unless you have myspace. Here is the pic from another website.


  15. sidvicious says:

    hi!so i have an anime convention coming up pretty quick and unfortunately my first cosplay didn’t work out so i was hoping you could help me find a new one.


    If the pic doesn’t work I’m about 5’6 i have neck length blonde hair and blue eyes.
    uhm im pretty upbeat and outspoken. My favorite animes would be Nana, Airgear and i’ll always have undying love for Digimon. Hope you can help!!

  16. Eliayth says:

    Hi Sidvicious (nice name btw, I love the Pistols) – sorry but I couldn’t see your pic, Facebook gave me this message:

    The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

    Could you please upload it somewhere else like Photobucket.com or Imageshack.us?


    Although I tend to not like “recycling” suggestions but I feel you could make a really good Yomiko Readman from R.O.D. (Read or Die):

    Yomiko has great powers over paper, able to summon a great number of sheets of paper and make them take any form she desires. It was pretty cool she was able to make birds to ride on, among other things. Yomiko is asked to use her talent as a member of a secret agency to help thwart villains.

    Pics: http://589a2228.linkgalleries.net



    This could work out nicely because she also has glasses so if you don’t wear contact lenses, no hassle.

  17. Evelyn Taylor says:

    Hi! i’ve got a convention i’m planing on attending in August and have drawn a creative blank on what anime character to cosplay. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    I’m about 170-175cm tall, brown hair and eyes (though i don’t mind wearing a wig and maybe contacts). I like wearing more unusual, mostly darker, clothing, though i’m a quiet sort of person.



    Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

  18. ipoopfool says:

    Hey guys, I am planning to go to the NY anime festival in September, and cosplay for the first time (though its my second con).
    I was thinking of going as some thing (relatively)new but not something thats been over used too much like bleach and naruto.
    I am asian with straight hair, so I plan on spiking it and not buying a wig.
    Also, I am about 5’4, so cosplaying as someone that is really tall seems kinda odd to me.

    What do you think?

    (I am male and I like both shounen and shoujo anime/manga)

  19. panamon says:

    So I’m looking to get a head start on next year’s SD Comic Con, possibly do something for Halloween this year. I’ve already got plans for this year’s Comic Con (spartan from 300 – technically a comic first, and The Monarch from The Venture Brothers – not really a comic or anime, but still awesome).

    I watch a lot of anime, but mostly mainstream stuff (Naruto, Bleach, Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop… the usual) plus some odd stuff (things I’ve forgotten the names of). Basically things my friends or fansubbers I trust mention. But if there’s something out there that I’ve missed with sweet characters (and that others will recognize) I’ll watch it for the sake of making something cool.

    Also, I’m 6’4″, so there’s that.

    And sorry, pics are on myspace…

    http://tiny.cc/5Yuzq (that’s me on the right)
    http://tiny.cc/YCVQf (mug shot before I grew my hair out)

  20. Eliayth says:

    Heya guys.


    So far I have one suggestion, and that’s Crim from .hack//SIGN. He’s about average height, not overly tall nor short so I don’t think height matters for a cosplay of him.

    Crim is the close friend of Lady Subaru, the leader of the Crimson Knights (of who Crim was the co-founder), a group of players who patrol The World, an MMORPG, supporting the staff in an unofficial capacity.

    As for his attire, I dunno if you’ll like it because the shirt is open-fronted, however you could just wear a plain t-shirt underneath and it’d still look as good.

    Pics: http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p379/Eliayth/CosplayLocator/Dot%20Hack/Crimfull.jpg


    It’s kind of hard to think of many characters that don’t require a wig though, what with all the crazy hair colors in anime xD would you be open to dyeing your hair?

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