Cosplay Help – Where do I start?

Hello fellow cosplayers – my name is JessJezzz, and I’m here to help you create the cosplay of your dreams. I’ve been making costumes and cosplaying for years, and am minoring in Textiles and Apparels. If you have any questions about making costumes, don’t be afraid to ask! No question is a stupid question! The only way you will ever learn is by asking someone, whether it be me or Google. In the meantime, I will try and post basic sewing tips and techniques that I use regularly in creating costumes and believe will help you master the art of cosplay.

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I am the Cosplay Suggestorator!

Awesome Cosplay

Ask your Cosplay Suggestion questions at this post from now on:
The New Cosplay Suggestorators


Be sure to register first!

Happy Cosplaying Otaku!


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Announcing the arrival of our Cosplay Creation Expert!

At we do everything in our power to help you find or create the perfect cosplay! We started this blog and have sought out the experts to post here to help you with all your cosplay needs. Our newest and first author is here to help you create the perfect cosplay – so lets all give a round of applause for JessJezzz the Cosplay Creator Expert!

If you are in need of any cosplay making tips, advice or help in general JessJezzz can help you out! She’ll be posting under Cosplay Creation Help so ask her a question or post a general comment there.

Happy Cosplaying Otaku!


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Cosplay Locator Blog of Blogs!

Cosplay NerdGreetings Otaku, you have stumbled upon the greatest cosplay blog of all time. If you love donning Cosplay Costumes and hitting up local conventions, you are in good company.

At the cosplay locator blog you can get cosplay advice, you can commission a cosplay or just chat with Otaku such as yourself.

Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be looking for people just like you to become bloggers on the one and only Cosplay Locator blog!  Positions are filling fast so email us for more info.


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