Cosplay Commissions

Cosplay made by Otaku for Otaku!

We Can Make Any Costume You Need!

If you need something made, drop us an email with pictures of the character you want to cosplay at

I'll respond with a price as soon as possible.

You'll need your measurements taken by a tailor. You can google one near you or just go to your local Macy's Dept store and find someone who can take your measurements.

We'll need half the price of the costume up front. After your payment clears we'll begin. As soon as the costume is done, I'll send you a picture of it and mail it out once that last half of the payment is made!

We've made a ton of costumes from Kakuzu from Naruto to Zelman Clock from Black Blood Brothers.

Or check out any of our cosplay buddies for help:

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