Gears of War Cosplay Costume

After many long months we have finally finished our first gears of war cosplay costumes. We are ramping up our complex cosplay costume development team and are prepared to turn out more amazing costumes just like this. Have a look at the finished products and email us to order your own theatrical grade cosplay costume just like this one we did from gears of war!

We’re a small team of guys who have a passion for art and making the best costumes possible. One of these costumes takes several months and though we are taking orders we can only accomodate about 4 or 5 of these costumes per year.

The photos are of our prototypes. When you order our next batch you can expect your gears of war cosplay costume to look a bit different than the ones below. We are always refining our development process so expect yours to look even better than these do!

gears of war cosplay

Save up for yours with a cosplay savings account!

gears of war costume

These costumes come complete with full lighting

Gears of War Cosplay Costumes

Gears of War cosplay costumes - brotherly love not included.

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Gears of War Cosplay Costume Development

Our most recent custom orders came from some American soldiers stationed all the way in Afghanistan. They wanted some custom Gears of War costumes from Gears 3. We’ve done a lot of custom work, but this is our first gears of war costume and we wanted to let our loyal fans follow along to see what goes into every custom cosplay order.

gears of war cosplay costume

We're turning this into a functional costume.

We start with as many photos of the character as possible. Then we draw a c basic draft of the items that we’ll be fabricating. This way, we can work off of drawings with clearly defined lines and boundaries. This makes getting every little detail right a lot easier.

gears of war armor drawing

Drawing the costumes is vital to getting the details right.

clay carmine gears of war cosplay draft

Here is the completed drawing with notes.

gears of war clay carmine helmet

Getting all the details right from the beginning makes it a lot easier.

After that we begin production. We start the fabrication process by determining the best materials to use. In the case of Clay Carmine from Gears of War, we’re going with aluminum and polymer over a moldable vest.

gears of war armor development

Here is the roughed chest armor.

Gears of war armor cosplay back

We start by roughing out the details. Here you can see the original piece we started with and how it ended up.

We’ll provide more updates as the process continues! To order your very own Gears of War cosplay or any other cosplay just email us or look through our massive premade cosplay costume selection.

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How to Make a Fake Wound for Cosplay

Whether you do it for fun or as a pro, the success of your cosplay depends largely on your attention to detail. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so here is a tutorial that will guide you on your quest to creating a realistic fake wound.

Cosplay Supplies

You'll need some supplies.

Required materials: foundation make-up, moisturizer, cotton swabs, brush, brow brush, foam, facial tissues, red pigment, thin crabsticks and steel wool.

Cosplay Wound

Step 1

Step 1: first of all, daub some moisturizer onto your arm.

Cosplay Wound

Step 2

Step 2: get a small piece of facial tissue and wipe the moisturizer loosely with it. So the moisturizer will roll up, with tissue wrapped.

Make a fake wound

Step 3

Step 3: daub moisturizer along the lateral.

Fake wound

Step 4

Step 4: make another side in the same way.

Cosplay tips

Step 5

Step 5: a rough shape of the wound can be seen here.

Fake wound steps

Step 6

Step 6: when the moisturizer begins to dry, daub a layer of light-colored foundation make-up on the “wound”. (I daubed a little on the first side just now. So there are color differences on those two sides in step 4. Just ignore it .)

Cosplay How To

Step 7

Step 7: here, you can use the brow brush. It can make the surface of the wound seem smoother. Add a little moisturizer on the edges to make the wound seem glossier.

Cosplay Wound

Step 8

Step 8: dark red foundation make-up is used here. Daub it on top edges of the wound sparsely.

Cosplay make up

Step 9

Step 9: foam is used to float the surface of wound.

Best cosplay wound Tutorial

Step 10

Step 10: when the foundation make-up dries, the wound looks like this.

Cosplay help

Step 11

Step 11: various colors of foundation are needed here, to decorate details of the wound. Here, dark red, brown, pink, black and sand are used. Certainly, you can choose other hues.

Cosplay wound

Step 12

Step 12: use thin crabsticks to bring edges of the wound up. Then, dip the brow brush into the foundation and color the edge with it. Red foundation is used inside and black foundation should be used along the outer edge.

Theatrical Makeup

Step 13

Step 13: since edge of the wound is brought up, there is a small “hole” inside the wound. Decorate its bottom by dark red foundation.

Zombie Makeup

Step 14

Step 14: it’s time to use the red pigment now. Pour it into the wound. The pigment will flow down freely. So the wound will seem more vivid.

How to do zombie makeup

Step 15

Step 15: daub red foundation extensively. And use the steel wool to make them seem rough.

zombie makeup

Step 16

Step 16: to make the wound seem more real, you can put some tiny items into the wound. Here, orange peel is used.

zombie makeup

Step 17

Step 17: the wound has been finished. It seems rather dreadful, right?

All done!

PS: facial tissues should be rolled up rather loosely. If they are glued closely, the wound will seem rather rigid.

Author bio: Katherine writes for For interesting cosplay ideas or helpful cosplay tutorials, just visit our blog!

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Cosplay Suggestions

Introducing a new automated system to help get you the best cosplay suggestions! We’ve built this suggestorator from the ground up to give the best suggestions possible! Just click on the awesome image below to get started!

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Seeking Cosplay Enthusiasts!

Hey guys, Brian Otaku here. I’m looking for a couple good cosplay/anime/manga lovers who want to write for the cosplay locator blog. I’ve been getting a lot of questions and emails lately and I just don’t have time to respond to all of them.

Thanks so much to everyone for all the questions, emails and participation on the blog.

If you’d like to write for the blog just email me at brian @


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Cosplay Party Feature

Hi guys, Eliayth here~

We don’t have a lot of anime conventions ’round where I live, so my buddy decided to have a Cosplay Party to celebrate her 18th birthday last weekend;


All the costumes were home-made, several of them only days before the party! I ended up making the Rinoa costume from scratch for my friend, seeing as she hadn’t made it just one day before the party :P It was lucky we had the right colored fabric, seeing as we had no time to buy any!

So now it’s time to share what I’ve learned from this experience:

1. Schoolgirl costumes are great for quick & easy cosplays, you can find a lot of the clothing items for them in normal stores and just modify it a little (and you can re-use the shoes for pretty much any school cosplay – have you ever noticed they almost always have the same style of shoe?).

2. If you’re doing a character with hair style that’s difficult to recreate, use a wig! Even if your hair is the same color. Because this way, you can keep the wig in that style and reuse your cosplay without worrying about taking hours to do your hair.


3. Try to cosplay a character with a costume that’s appropriate for the season, so you don’t overheat (sweatmarks on your costume don’t look very nice) or catch a cold (neither does snot :P ).

4. If you’re not really into cosplay and don’t want an extravagant costume, pop on ears and a tail like Kero and Pikachu did for cute mascot characters.

Photo 1: The host of the party as Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) , Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon), Nurse Joy (Pokemon); Photo 2: Myself as Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay Night) with Haruhi again on the left; Photo 3: Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8) and; Photo 4: Pikachu (Pokemon), Tinkerbell (Peter Pan.  Other attendees included L ( Death Note), Kero ( CardCaptor Sakura), Ed Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Kanae Kotonami (Skip Beat).


You can check out some more photos on Facebook here.

If you’d like any info on how any of the costumes were made feel free to ask and I’ll try to find out ^^

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Racial Cosplaying “Toneplay”

Hey everyone, admin here.

I don’t write often, but today I felt the need to get some stuff off my chest.

I’ve heard a lot of people ask the question “I’m black, is it okay if I cosplay a white character?”

Obviously, the resounding answer should be “YES!”

I understand that with cosplay the goal is to be as close to the character as possible. But I don’t see what the color of the character’s skin has to do with it. Cosplay is about “costume play” That’s it! If a white kid’s favorite character is afro samurai, why shouldn’t he cosplay him? What’s next, telling a Chinese girl she can’t cosplay Fran (FF12) because she isn’t Vieran? No. Cosplay is about having fun and making, buying or putting together the best cosplay costume you can. If you ask me seeing a black variant on Jiraiya would be amazing. After all, we don’t give people a hard time about crossplaying…

The color scheme of the costume could even be changed to better contrast with the skin tone. Imagine the Black Jiraiya I mentioned earlier in a Black, white and orange color scheme instead of the traditional style!

There are so many untapped ideas out there. We just need to have the courage to be different.

So next time you’re at a con and you see someone toneplaying treat them the same way as a crossplayer! Give em props for originality, snap a pic and send it to us at Cosplay Locator! (


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Sewing Skills

GReader bou asked how to make Gravitation character Shuichi’s trenchcoat, saying they had a sewing machine, but “absolutely no sewing skills.” Well bou (and everyone else out there), let me be the first to tell you that the only way you’ll ever get them is to jump right in.  Bou, go out a find a pattern as close to what you’re looking for as possible, and have at it!  Seriously, just go for it!  You may make some mistakes, but that’s the way we learn – just be sure to have a seam ripper by your side!  Here’s some tips to help you get started on your very first project.

  1. Before you even go to the store, take your measurements!  I cannot emphasize this enough!  If you’re not sure how to take your measurements, just Google it – it’s a very simple process so don’t be intimidated.  If you can, have someone else take your measurements for even more accuracy.
  2. Go to the fabric store and look through to pattern books – this will take a while, so be patient!  Find a pattern as close to as what you’re looking for as you can.
  3. Once you have the pattern, see how much fabric you need for your costume and make sure to pick up the notions needed for the costume, too – both of these are listed on the back of the pattern envelope.  If you are confused or need help, ask a fabric store employee!  They are happy to help you and very knowledgeable. While you’re at the fabric store, make sure to pick up a seam ripper if you don’t already have one – you will probably need it!
  4. Go home and jump right in!  Sewing takes time, so don’t be surprised if it takes you a looooong time.  I like to spread the work out a few hours a day for a few days, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.  Just follow the instructions and if you make a mistake, don’t fret! – rip it out and move on.

Until next time, good luck with all of your cosplay creations!

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Plushies Galore!

Stay tuned to this post – I am having a special guest blogger, my friend and plushie expert Bean Chan!  She will help with the question about the Nazo Grunty plush as well as give great general plushie advice!

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Cosplay Locator is the biggest cosplay store around!

Cosplay Locator has cosplay costumes for sale.

Bookmark and come back anytime you need any cosplay items. We’re the only store on the internet that has thousands of premade items including costumes, wigs, props, jewelry, pocky and even more.

Not only that, but you can always ask us your cosplay questions right here on our blog. Ovan and Eliayth are here to help you decide who to cosplay and the all knowing JessJezzz can give you tips and help making your own cosplay. No cosplay website does all this and provides a full store to buy from ^_^

If you need a cosplay commission we can do that too! So bookmark the blog and the store already and come back often to see what we got!

Happy Cosplaying Otaku!


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