Hey it’s Ovan and Eliayth

Hey guys, Ovan here, your new cosplay suggesterator. Along with Eliayth, we’ll be providing you guys with the best of our knowledge of anime / manga to help you guys out. We just started getting into cosplay not too long ago, but we have been otakus for awhile. Obviously by my name, one of my favorite animes is .Hack//, and my real name is Jeff. I look forward to helping you guys out, thanks~

Hi everyone, Ovan’s girl Eliayth here.  Figured I’d get him to stick my intro in his post to save space.  So, a little about me – I have a lot of favorite animes (too many to list) but I do especially like .Hack//, and I have some hawt Naruto action figures. My favorite manga so far is Wings of Vendemiaire.  So, yeah, looking forward to helping you guys with cosplay ideas, would love to see pics of your costumes. ~ Eliayth

And if it’s alright, I would like to start having you guys post here for suggestions, and there will be some layout, we would like to know what your guys personality is like to better fit the cosplay, and some of your favorite manga / anime, thanks.

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  1. Eliayth says:

    Evelyn Taylor:

    Bwaha you look so much like Inoue Orihime from Bleach xD though I’ll put that aside and try to think up some suggestions better suited to your preferences :P

    Unusual and darker clothing make me think of Amane Misa (aka Misa-Misa) from Death Note, though she doesn’t sound quite right for your style. Here’s a couple of pics just in case though:



    Geez it’s hard to find official pics (I think these ones are fanart), or ones that aren’t pervy :S

    Misa is a supporter and eventual ally to the story’s protagonist Light Yagami, a student who comes into possession of a notebook which has the power to kill anyone whose name is written in it. He uses the book to kill criminals, attempting to make the world a better place. However, official entities such as the police forces don’t like what he’s up to, and thus begins an all-out war of kill or be killed.

    Bwah you also look like you’d make a good Haruhi Suzumiya DX again I’ll put that aside and keep looking for something else lol.

    Kay, well for some less run-of-the-mill getups, that kind of gets rid of all the school animes (and gawd there’s a lot), maybe a character from the .hack series would be a good idea. Their costumes tend to be pretty different.

    There’s Shino from .hack//Roots (I don’t like the character personally but her outfit may be what you’re looking for?):


    And I’ll try to think of some more ideas, at least there’s something to start with xD

  2. panamon says:

    Hi there! I’m trying to get a jumpstart on San Diego Comic Con next year (and hopefully hit up AX next year too, if I can get an appropriate gettup together).

    I’ve watched a lot of shows (most of the big current stuff – Naruto & Bleach and whatnot) and a ton of random stuff… I’m also willing to go watch a show if it’s got characters that’d be fun to cosplay as/ fun costumes to make.

    I’m 6’4″, 185lbs, and really really white. I’m fine with wigs or makeup or whathaveyou, but the less of that type of thing I have to do the better.

    http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/22/l_f764ffccb9bcc27bf0615365d25c628e.jpg (me on the right of Jesus)

    http://c1.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/100/l_1bb0c45f4693453120409f64f16b5b84.jpg (mug shot)

    What’dyou think?

  3. Kanaorixx says:

    Hi. ^^ I’m going to a cosplay convention only two months away and I’m having trouble finding a character I can cosplay.

    Kay so this is me. (:


    5 feet 2 inches tall.
    13 years old.
    Blonde hair.
    Blue eyes.

    I’m usually a pretty random and hyper person.
    I love to be with people.
    I like candy and Ramen. I don’t like noise or bright lights. (:

  4. cookiemunsturrr says:

    Ok, so I was having trouble trying to find who I want to cosplay as so I was trying to look at who I can be like or who can help me cover my peircings and thought about being Itachi its real easy to buy a wig or just use my hair since it is long enough and draw his facial marks. The Akatsuki cloak should cover up my facial peircings aswell since the collar goess up to or past the lower lip. Here is me…

    So really would I look good as an itachi?

  5. cookiemunsturrr says:

    Oh yea I guess I am sopose to telly ou my personality as well….I am shy but I don’t show it. I hold grudges even though I hear it’s not heathy, if it can be helped I hate gitting into a pointless fight but when I am in one I do tend to throw fists instead of words…If I feel threatend I will defend myself…I am a good hearted person but that dosen’t really show either unless you are a close friend or a lucky family member..yea thats about it…

  6. Eliayth says:

    Hey Cookiemunsturrr, I think you would definitely look good as Itachi, your hair is perfect for it too.

    As a side note: I used to have facial piercings, did you know you can get clear jewelery that’s pretty much invisible unless you look way up close? You should be able to find them online, though the clear ones I found were a larger gauge than what I’d normally wear, which was somewhat painful, so make sure you check the size XD

  7. Kanaorixx says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions! (:

  8. Eliayth says:

    No prob, if you want any more suggestions feel free to ask ^^

  9. Ren Makimura says:

    Hello thar. :3
    I’m somewhat new to cosplaying itself, but I’ve been attending conventions for the past two years or so now. I have some ideas for gijinka Pokemon cosplays for the future, but not many character ones, I’m afriad.

    I have a wide range in taste genre-wise for anime/manga, so I’m open to anything. Some of my very favorites include Hana Yori Dango, Yu Yu Hakusho, Eureka Seven, Death Note, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Code Geass, Cowboy Bebop, Angel Sanctuary and Trigun.

    I’m about 5’5, 140 lbs, brown/black hair, blue eyes..
    I have an alright figure, but I don’t particularly like showing off my legs.
    Here are some pictures~:




    I await your suggestions. <3

  10. Prince NEO says:

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any Ideas or sewing patterns for either Sora’s Clothes, Roxas’ Clothes [Kingdom Hearts], or Zack’s clothes. [Final Fantasy Crisis Core]

  11. Draiona says:

    Hey you guys

    I’ve still got a LOT of time to the convention I’m planning to go to. But nontheless the costume shouldnt be toooooo complicated and hard to make. I wouldnt mind a little challenge though ;)

    To myself: I’m 14 years old (will be 15 at the convention).
    I’m something around 155cm tall but it’s still almost a whole year to the conv. So I could still grow ^^ And I’ve got a somewhat good body, I wouldn’t mind showing my stomach x3 doesnt have to be tough.
    I’ve got blue/green eyes and blondish hair, but I’d dye it without hesitation.

    I’d like to cosplay somebody cool and strong, but still be cute in a way.

    That’s me~

    thanks already ^^ ~Draiona

  12. vkninja says:


    I wanted to see if I can get any suggestions for cosplay:


    I am 4’11/ 149.86 cm…short and petite ^.^
    Willing to wear wigs/makeup/contacts/etc., but would prefer to work with whatever I have.

    Thanks in advance! ^w^

  13. Ren Makimura says:

    … Are you guys not doing this anymore? :(

  14. Ovan says:

    Hi Ren, sorry I’ll probably be doing this solo from now on, I had forgotten my login, but I’ll do my best, please give me some time to do some suggestions for you guys.

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