Meet your new Cosplay Suggestorators!

Introducing Ovan & Eliayth your new Tag Team cosplay suggestorators!

Lets all give them a hand!

Now that you’re done clapping put your hands to good use and get to asking them who you should cosplay as.

These two know more about anime/manga than me so be prepared for some better suggestions folks!

And as always you can find any cosplay your heart desires at !

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2 Responses to Meet your new Cosplay Suggestorators!

  1. wiccawitch says:

    I am a first time cosplayer with an attention to detail. I’m decent at sewing and have a healthy budget. I currently have medium brown hair but I don’t have a problem changing it as you will see from my photos at my website. I’m very loud and outgoing. Ideas?

  2. Eliayth says:

    Hi there, we’ll answer you question here: /blog/2008/09/hello-im-ovan/

    That’s the official place to ask for cosplay suggestions, please ask there in future, thanks~

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