Racial Cosplaying “Toneplay”

Hey everyone, admin here.

I don’t write often, but today I felt the need to get some stuff off my chest.

I’ve heard a lot of people ask the question “I’m black, is it okay if I cosplay a white character?”

Obviously, the resounding answer should be “YES!”

I understand that with cosplay the goal is to be as close to the character as possible. But I don’t see what the color of the character’s skin has to do with it. Cosplay is about “costume play” That’s it! If a white kid’s favorite character is afro samurai, why shouldn’t he cosplay him? What’s next, telling a Chinese girl she can’t cosplay Fran (FF12) because she isn’t Vieran? No. Cosplay is about having fun and making, buying or putting together the best cosplay costume you can. If you ask me seeing a black variant on Jiraiya would be amazing. After all, we don’t give people a hard time about crossplaying…

The color scheme of the costume could even be changed to better contrast with the skin tone. Imagine the Black Jiraiya I mentioned earlier in a Black, white and orange color scheme instead of the traditional style!

There are so many untapped ideas out there. We just need to have the courage to be different.

So next time you’re at a con and you see someone toneplaying treat them the same way as a crossplayer! Give em props for originality, snap a pic and send it to us at Cosplay Locator! (brian@cosplaylocator.com)


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