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Hi guys, Eliayth here~

We don’t have a lot of anime conventions ’round where I live, so my buddy decided to have a Cosplay Party to celebrate her 18th birthday last weekend;


All the costumes were home-made, several of them only days before the party! I ended up making the Rinoa costume from scratch for my friend, seeing as she hadn’t made it just one day before the party :P It was lucky we had the right colored fabric, seeing as we had no time to buy any!

So now it’s time to share what I’ve learned from this experience:

1. Schoolgirl costumes are great for quick & easy cosplays, you can find a lot of the clothing items for them in normal stores and just modify it a little (and you can re-use the shoes for pretty much any school cosplay – have you ever noticed they almost always have the same style of shoe?).

2. If you’re doing a character with hair style that’s difficult to recreate, use a wig! Even if your hair is the same color. Because this way, you can keep the wig in that style and reuse your cosplay without worrying about taking hours to do your hair.


3. Try to cosplay a character with a costume that’s appropriate for the season, so you don’t overheat (sweatmarks on your costume don’t look very nice) or catch a cold (neither does snot :P ).

4. If you’re not really into cosplay and don’t want an extravagant costume, pop on ears and a tail like Kero and Pikachu did for cute mascot characters.

Photo 1: The host of the party as Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya) , Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon), Nurse Joy (Pokemon); Photo 2: Myself as Rin Tohsaka (Fate Stay Night) with Haruhi again on the left; Photo 3: Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8) and; Photo 4: Pikachu (Pokemon), Tinkerbell (Peter Pan.  Other attendees included L ( Death Note), Kero ( CardCaptor Sakura), Ed Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Kanae Kotonami (Skip Beat).


You can check out some more photos on Facebook here.

If you’d like any info on how any of the costumes were made feel free to ask and I’ll try to find out ^^

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