How to Make a Fake Wound for Cosplay

Whether you do it for fun or as a pro, the success of your cosplay depends largely on your attention to detail. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so here is a tutorial that will guide you on your quest to creating a realistic fake wound.

Cosplay Supplies

You'll need some supplies.

Required materials: foundation make-up, moisturizer, cotton swabs, brush, brow brush, foam, facial tissues, red pigment, thin crabsticks and steel wool.

Cosplay Wound

Step 1

Step 1: first of all, daub some moisturizer onto your arm.

Cosplay Wound

Step 2

Step 2: get a small piece of facial tissue and wipe the moisturizer loosely with it. So the moisturizer will roll up, with tissue wrapped.

Make a fake wound

Step 3

Step 3: daub moisturizer along the lateral.

Fake wound

Step 4

Step 4: make another side in the same way.

Cosplay tips

Step 5

Step 5: a rough shape of the wound can be seen here.

Fake wound steps

Step 6

Step 6: when the moisturizer begins to dry, daub a layer of light-colored foundation make-up on the “wound”. (I daubed a little on the first side just now. So there are color differences on those two sides in step 4. Just ignore it .)

Cosplay How To

Step 7

Step 7: here, you can use the brow brush. It can make the surface of the wound seem smoother. Add a little moisturizer on the edges to make the wound seem glossier.

Cosplay Wound

Step 8

Step 8: dark red foundation make-up is used here. Daub it on top edges of the wound sparsely.

Cosplay make up

Step 9

Step 9: foam is used to float the surface of wound.

Best cosplay wound Tutorial

Step 10

Step 10: when the foundation make-up dries, the wound looks like this.

Cosplay help

Step 11

Step 11: various colors of foundation are needed here, to decorate details of the wound. Here, dark red, brown, pink, black and sand are used. Certainly, you can choose other hues.

Cosplay wound

Step 12

Step 12: use thin crabsticks to bring edges of the wound up. Then, dip the brow brush into the foundation and color the edge with it. Red foundation is used inside and black foundation should be used along the outer edge.

Theatrical Makeup

Step 13

Step 13: since edge of the wound is brought up, there is a small “hole” inside the wound. Decorate its bottom by dark red foundation.

Zombie Makeup

Step 14

Step 14: it’s time to use the red pigment now. Pour it into the wound. The pigment will flow down freely. So the wound will seem more vivid.

How to do zombie makeup

Step 15

Step 15: daub red foundation extensively. And use the steel wool to make them seem rough.

zombie makeup

Step 16

Step 16: to make the wound seem more real, you can put some tiny items into the wound. Here, orange peel is used.

zombie makeup

Step 17

Step 17: the wound has been finished. It seems rather dreadful, right?

All done!

PS: facial tissues should be rolled up rather loosely. If they are glued closely, the wound will seem rather rigid.

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