Gears of War Cosplay Costume

After many long months we have finally finished our first gears of war cosplay costumes. We are ramping up our complex cosplay costume development team and are prepared to turn out more amazing costumes just like this. Have a look at the finished products and email us to order your own theatrical grade cosplay costume just like this one we did from gears of war!

We’re a small team of guys who have a passion for art and making the best costumes possible. One of these costumes takes several months and though we are taking orders we can only accomodate about 4 or 5 of these costumes per year.

The photos are of our prototypes. When you order our next batch you can expect your gears of war cosplay costume to look a bit different than the ones below. We are always refining our development process so expect yours to look even better than these do!

gears of war cosplay

Save up for yours with a cosplay savings account!

gears of war costume

These costumes come complete with full lighting

Gears of War Cosplay Costumes

Gears of War cosplay costumes - brotherly love not included.

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