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Cosplay Party Feature

Hi guys, Eliayth here~ We don’t have a lot of anime conventions ’round where I live, so my buddy decided to have a Cosplay Party to celebrate her 18th birthday last weekend; All the costumes were home-made, several of them … Continue reading

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Cosplay Locator is the biggest cosplay store around!

Cosplay Locator has cosplay costumes for sale. Bookmark and come back anytime you need any cosplay items. We’re the only store on the internet that has thousands of premade items including costumes, wigs, props, jewelry, pocky and even more. … Continue reading

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One-Two Punch

In today’s post I’ll be dishing out a cosplay advice twofer for Yori Nightmare and Kiki0831. Yori Nightmare asked what the best material would be for making Shippuden Sakura’s costume and shoes. Here’s the answer in two parts: 1) The … Continue reading

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Anime Iowa 2008

I attend 3-5 Cons a year, the two main ones being Anime Central and Anime Iowa.  I often go to smaller cons, too, like Anime Reactor or Anime Detour.  But I have to say, Anime Iowa is my favourite – … Continue reading

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